Recommendations / Endorsements

Below are recommendations and endorsements by people I have worked with or have completed work for. Originals are available upon request. Please take some time to read a few of them.

I recruited and have worked with Andrew on numerous Windows and Linux based projects over the past 3 years. Andrew is a pleasure to work with and is bright (uber skilled), humble and is well respected by the Web24 key account customers that he manages. He has a great sense of humour and adds to the office environment and I hope to have the pleasure of working with Andrew again one day.

Ross Munns

Andrew joined Web24 in the Data Center Operations section, where he excelled in. He has since moved into the System Administrator team and continued great work. His attention to details and systematic logging of everything done had been his strength, and brings the rest of the team up with him. A great sense of humor to go with the high technical knowledge as well.

Been a great pleasure working with him.

Alvin Sim

Andrew joined my team at Web24 in 2013, and I’ve grown a great deal of respect for his quality of work and attention to detail. He has acted as both a mentor and mentee to myself, sharing his own knowledge while also taking lessons from yours truly wherever possible. His stakeholder and time management skills are second to none, combined with a gregarious personality, and hunger to learn, Andrew is an awesome colleague and just a great guy to work with!

Shannon Gernyi

Andrew exhibits a personal air about him when he comes on set. He is extremely knowledgeable of all things shout cast and irc. I turn to him, when recording software goes awry. He is extremely knowledgeable in server implementations and hardware requirements to run such data centers. I highly recommend his solutions for any company searching for hosting. Andrew is trustworthy and loyal. It has been a pleasure working in and around Andrew and will continue to do business with him.

Art Eppley

To whom it may concern,

For a number years our organisation has employed the services of Mr Andrew Hawken as our IT Consultant.

We are a business that relies heavily on our IT system for the day to day running of accounting packages, payroll and various industry specific programs.

Mr Hawken provided as our consultant the following services: Reconfiguration, Maintenance and Optimisation of Computers and Related Equipment, Installation and Configuration of Wireless Network Equipment, Purchase, Deliver and Install Hardware Components as Required, Installation, Configuration and Implementation of Replacement Backup Device and Routine, Continued maintenance, changes and support as requested

Mr Hawken was a valued member of our team and we wish him good luck in his future endeavors.

MC (Carberry & Sons)

To whom it may concern

AdvanceIT Services and Technologies

I confirm that I have dealt with Andrew Hawken since 2008, during which time he has provided my business with excellent support in the areas of: Reconfiguration, Maintenance and Optimisation of Computers and Related Equipment, Installation and Configuration of Wireless Network Equipment, Purchase, Deliver and Install Hardware Components as required, Continued maintenance, changes and support as requested (removing spyware, viruses, problem solving, question answering, etc).

I can confidently recommend Andrew  as a solid and reliable supplier.

CP (Adelong Motel)

To Whom It May Concern

Andrew Hawken has carried out a wide range of IT work for Inglegreen.  Whether it was general maintenance or installation of wireless broadband , we always found Andrew very reliable.  The work was completed and running quickly without any great inconvenience to our work schedule.

MG (Inglegreen Premium Pork)

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