Success! 25th July 2016

I finished my role at Solutions Plus on the 6th July 2016. It just wasn’t the place for me. After a couple of days to reset, I started cruising LinkedIn (contacting recruiters and LinkedIn contacts, as well as job searching) and Seek for new job opportunities. Over the next two and a half weeks, I had many phone calls and went to a bunch of interviews around the city. After the second last interview on Friday the 22nd July 2016, I saw a job advertisement at the one single place I really really wanted to work at, Micron21! I called the managing director immediately and set up an interview for early Monday (today) afternoon, as I was in the city on Friday and wouldn’t have been able to make it time. Just after departing from the interview, I’d driven no less than five minutes down the road when I got a call from the operations manager with an offer! Of course, I took it! It’s close to home and ticks all my boxes. My first day of work is tomorrow, the 26th July 2016.

This is great! I can hardly believe it actually happened! I’ve been wanting to work here since I first visited them over two years ago! So excited!


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